Creative workshops were delivered by UK based contemporary artists:-

Adam York Gregory & Gillian Lees – Adam York Gregory is a visual artist and Gillian Jane Lees is a durational performer. They often make work together that is about slowness, quietness and anticipation –

Danielle Aspinwall – a highly experienced professional artist, who delivers arts and wellbeing workshops for a number of organisations including Cumbria County Council and the mental health charity MIND. She is a passionate mental health advocate creating change and positivity through social dialogue and her creative eco arts practice –

Sue Flowers – environmentalist artist with a passion for drawing. She is also artistic Director of Green Close. She has lived experience of supporting others to manage their mental health conditions and is a passionate advocate for positive change within mental health services –

Pete Flowers – professional artist who has exhibited at major galleries both in the UK and internationally. He is Creative Director at Green Close, is highly experienced in working with diverse groups and strongly believes in the power of art to improve people’s mental wellbeing –

Sumit Sarker – sculptor and painter working with digital and analogue techniques, taking inspiration from a variety of sources including religious iconography, science fiction, graffiti and digital technology –

Lisa Wigham – an artist who produces projects as The Two am. Press. Her artwork used traditional sign painting and hand lettering to express tones of voice and emotions. Using these skills she makes and illustrates creative wellbeing journals for adults and children to create safe spaces and find joy in books –

Amanda Mudge – a professional freelance artist motivated by the therapeutic use of art. Amanda enjoys how art can be both fun and powerful in helping us to express ourselves, and how it can also help us deal with difficult life situations. She works as a community arts practitioner in Carlisle, facilitating others’ work and exhibits her own work across Cumbria –

David Haley – David didn’t choose to be an artist, he couldn’t help it! He researches and teaches art and ecology, working with people, their communities and their environments; writing poetic texts, walking with people, creating dialogues and making sculptural installations –

Ginny Koppenhol – a portrait photographer based in North Lancashire. She started her working life as an Occupational Therapist, working in community and residential mental health services for 14 years before starting her own photography business. Ginny knows first-hand the mental health benefits of a creative practice –

Alice Evans – an experienced fine art practitioner who trained at Chelsea College of Art. Alive is also a mental health campaigner and has lived experience of mental health condition Schizoaffective Disorder. Her practice uses film, drawing and illustration. She also makes and illustrates children’s books and works on creative commissions. She has worked as a national advocate for Mind and Rethink –

Laura Negus – a ceramic artist who facilitates pottery and wellbeing workshops. She works with Manchester Metropolitan University, Start Inspiring Minds and Manchester International Festival. Laura is passionate about promoting wellbeing and reducing social isolation using clay –

Ruth Flanagan – Ruth’s work as a designer allows her to use the arts to enhance wellbeing for herself and others. She specifically works through pattern design, upholstery and book printing. 

The Wells Project – The Wells Project Collective is Charlie Hawksfield, Sonja Teszler, Viktoria Szanto and Kariem Ismail, and came together through the Wells Project Space, a non-profit artist-led space in Battersea, London. Wells Project encourages experimental, site-specific exhibitions, performances and happenings. –

Helen Walsh – an artist and creative practitioner inspired by the natural world and how we connect with it. With over 10 years’ experience working in participatory arts, Helen is passionate about enabling people to discover and develop their creativity and engage in the arts –

Rachel Capovila – collaboration is a key part of Rachel’s practice, working on a broad spectrum of participatory projects for all age ranges, abilities and mental health conditions. Rachel’s practice encompasses film, mixed media textiles and installation, which often explore trauma, memory and mental health –

Hannah Ayre – a participatory artist, educator and producer. She creates everything from small-scale crafts to large-scale outdoor sculpture and events. Hannah has over 20 years’ experience of delivering creative and inclusive workshops –

Kremena Dimitrova – a highly experienced illustrator, lecturer and PhD researcher with a wide-ranging experience in educational, cultural and heritage settings. Kremena’s research, creative and educational work have largely focused on studying the expressive storytelling power of comics and how they can be used to disseminate knowledge about challenging topics –

Megan Wyatt – a practising painter and researcher who has a particular interest in Arts & Health. Her recent PhD focussed on how people living with dementia engage with, and experience painting whilst working alongside herself, as an artist. Wyatt is passionate about using the arts to improve mental health and has developed extensive experience in managing, delivering and evaluating Arts in Health projects across a wide range of settings.

Alicia Gradon – a practising artist and art educator. Her work specialises in drawing and writing and exploring the stories within the natural world. Alicia endeavours to cultivate an understanding of the interconnected relationship between our wellbeing, nature and its preservation –

Carlos Cortes – a London based multi-disciplinary artist working with collective construction processes, visual elements and movement based dynamics. He has specialised in projects that focus on community engagement, participation and interactivity, essential ingredients of his practice –

Briony Campbell – through her collaborative work as a photographer, filmmaker and mentor, Briony supports people to reflect on their own experiences, to express themselves creatively and share their perspectives. She believes in the power of creativity to enhance lives even in the darkest moments. She runs art projects for people facing death, navigating grief and also celebrating life to its fullest –