Over the last few years, my work has grown from an abstract exploration of the spiritual energy of the relationships of colour within painting, to develop rich, multi-layered images of textured colour that explore our spiritual pathways within a culturally diverse world.

I work in a long series of painting. A few examples of which are shown below:

Fragile Surfaces

Painting for me is a form of self-healing; it allows an inward achievement that changes the outer reality. ‘Fragile Surfaces’ are new experimental works on canvas and aluminium that help me to explore my inner feelings and project myself into a new and better place emotionally.

The painted surfaces are deliberately fragile and easily damaged – in a way the same as our own mental health – it is precious. I hope that my work will encourage people to discuss mental wellbeing and the challenges we all face at times experiencing our own and other peoples’ conditions. If we look at the meaning of the word ‘asylum’ as a place of sanctuary or refuge my studio is just that – a place where I can seek refuge to creatively explore the issues that challenge me.

Skulls and Flowers

Working alongside artists from Mexico we explored the iconography and philosophy of Mexican traditions; in particular, The Day of the Dead. These works are a reflection of joy, celebration, and fiesta – making the most of life whilst it is here. A recognition of morality not in a morbid or gothic manner, but as a companion to life. Joy and sorrow, sweet and sour, life and death always together in a sort of Mexican Ying Yang.

Painting as Prayer

A new iconic figure began to manifest itself in my work ‘The Virgin de Guadalupe.’ She was with us everywhere we travelled in Mexico. Not just in the churches we visited but in people’s homes, on buses and taxis, restaurants, bars, street corners, t-shirts, even tattoos. She was always there and always treated with complete reverence.

Down in Mexico

Hindu Love Songs

For some time my work has focused on Buddhist and Hindu imagery and writings. These works have been experimental in nature, mainly semi-figurative. I have worked in mixed media for many years, using collage, printmaking and painting; this fusion of materials and transferring of techniques is a prime concern in my work. Previous artistic work has explored Buddhist and Hindu faiths through words and imagery, looking at and re-presenting the profound spirituality found within, to create abstract explorations of the spiritual energy of colour and multi-layered images relevant to our culturally diverse world.

Petals are the Tears of Buddha

For the past 15 years, I have been working on these paintings based on a sort of zen anarchism.

Petals are the Tears of Buddha
Big Buddha is Watching You
Love Tokens

These tiny paintings, 2-3″ in size, are produced in mixed media on canvas, given to Sue on her birthday, Valentine’s and at Christmas over the past 26 years.

Painted Skulls

Over the last ten years I have painted 3D skulls large and small. These have been one-off pieces as well as works for installations.

Blowing in the Wind

Highly textured oil on canvas works with the paint whirling around the canvas.

Crying in the wind
Heart in the Wind
Making my Mark

I have spent most of my life drawing. My drawings are experimental in nature and often mixed media.