Partners: Lancashire County Council Environment Directorate, Lancaster City Council, The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Lancaster.

In 2015 Green Close led on the implementation of a significant environmental improvement scheme at Lancaster Priory Churchyard.

With thanks to the Lancashire Environmental Fund, a neglected and overgrown area of the churchyard was opened up providing safe and easy access for Lancaster’s communities to appreciate a stunning vista of the Priory Church of Saint Mary and reducing anti-social behaviour in the area.

Renovation of a historic retaining wall was undertaken, new pathways were created and thousands of bulbs were planted in the area. A new memorial artwork ‘stone’ was made by stone carver Alan Ward to commemorate the thousands of unmarked graves in that area of the churchyard.

The Latin inscription carved on the memorial stone hic iacent perpetuo lancastrensis osos santos – here lie the sacred bones of the people of Lancaster was set to choral music by Anni Tracy and performed by choirs at the opening event.

Bulb Planting at Lancaster Priory Community Churchyard Project, 2015