Finding connection with the Daisy trial- by Helen Leece

Since as long as I can remember flowers fascinating me; walks in the park, a trip to the shop, a coffee with a friend, playing on the playground with the kids when they were young. Wherever you go there is always something growing, we do not have to go far.

So many people say to me how afraid they are about plants, I hear them say “We don’t know what they are “or “we don’t know what they do” “Is it a weed “and so on. 

I have spent time listening in nature, and when you do this gently quietly and watch the nearest plant something starts to happen. Maybe words come into your head, maybe a feeling arises in your body, maybe an emotion pops out of nowhere. The simple thing is that all that occurs is perfect.

Often, we feel we must delve into textbooks and herbal dictionaries to find out everything we need to know about a plant, but often our senses tell us anyway and we just forgot to trust our inner voice.

So the Daisy Trail in its simplicity is something I invite you to try. As you walk around see if you can spot a daisy. If you cannot get out, then look at a picture of the daisy.

In its nature it is pure and simple with its grounding essence it beckons you to be still and connect. What memories does it bring up for you, did you ever make a daisy chain when you were young, and if you did not then that is ok because now could be the time you try for the first time!

Maybe count the petals or write some words, about the thoughts that come up when you encounter the daisy. If you are feeling brave lie in the grass and let the daisy tickle your toes and fingers. I like to trace the outline of the daisy with my fingers, eye’s closed, no cheating. See how it all feels for you.

I have many stories about the daisy, my first encounter was watching two young children have a race, the youngest stopped mid race to admire a daisy, she lost the race, and it was so emotional for her as she really wanted to win and be the best, but she also wanted to play with the daisy.

 Maybe you can stop and play for a while, try not to worry about getting to the end of the day and I guarantee once you have read this article the Daisy will start to catch your attention, and that is the start of the daisy trail.

Known as the flower of friendship I wonder what connections you will make through this daisy trail.  So on that note I very much look forward to seeing you in the meadow where the daisy waits to welcome you.