Research and Development visit Los Gázguez, Andalucia

December 13, 2013 in Events

Overlooking the nearby puebla  Velez Blanco

Las Muelas mountains overlooking the nearby puebla, Vélez Blanco

As part of their research into the Global Arts Village, artistic Directors of Green Close Sue & Pete Flowers recently visited Los Gázguez – an isolated arts centre in rural Andalucia, to see how a series of eco-art projects entitled Joya: Arte + Ecología were being delivered.

Cortejo de Los Gázguez is situated within the Parque Natural Sierra De María – Los Vélez, and has grown from one of many isolated and redundant farm dwellings within the area, whose arid Mediterranean landscape, soils & fertility have been fundamentally affected by climate change, a reduction in rainfall and recent modern day farming practices.

Rural Arts Centre, Cortijada Los Gazguez


Rural Arts Centre, Cortijada Los Gázguez

Now a centre for the creative development of an artist-led trans disciplinary collaborative project Sistemas Efímeros led by artists Simon & Donna Beckman, working with Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar Romero and Alicia García-Andrés González: and a creative retreat and centre for resident artists.

Sue & Pete gave a talk to artists and resident visitors & volunteers from around the world, whilst also making contact and developing links with local museums, artists and arts organisations based in Spain. The connections made included USA, Dominican Republic, Spain, Holland and other Spanish – based UK artists.

Pete Flowers sharing the work of Green Close with visitors to Los Gazgauez

Pete Flowers sharing the work of Green Close with visitors to Los Gázguez

“We were particularly struck with the diametrically opposite types of environments both of our organisations work within; the lack of water and arid landscape challenges at Los Gázguez; around 200mm per annum annually, compared to dampness & increasing rainfall levels here within the Lune Valley. It was particularly shocking to see the results of such extreme reductions in water availability and reconsider our interdependence with this important resource: also wonderful to reflect on our own creative practice within a different cultural context, meeting and learning from other artists working in a strikingly different rural location”

Dried riverbed at Los Gasguez

Dried riverbed at Los Gázguez

El brujo drawings from the Cueva de los letros

‘El brujo’ and other symbolic drawings found locally at the ‘Cueva de los letros’

Installation and site specific drawing by American artist at Los gasguez

‘Sunburst’ Installation and site specific drawing by American artist Melissa Marks,at Los Gázguez

La tierra at Los Gazgauez

La tierra at Los Gázguez

Manchego cheese, patternign created by esparto grass

Manchego cheese, patterning created by esparto grass

Mediterranean arid landscape, around Los Gasguez

Mediterranean arid landscape, around Los Gázguez

Old beehive made from esparto grass

Old beehive made from esparto grass

Sue & Pete at Cortijada Los Gazguaez, Andalucia

Sue & Pete at Cortijada Los Gázguez, Andalucia