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Pioneering rural regeneration and positive social development through the arts


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“By championing the role arts and creative excellence play in rural economic and social regeneration, we help to empower communities and their young people.”

We work within the public and private sector leading, brokering and delivering innovative and ambitious visual arts projects, such as the highly successful Lancashire Witches 400 project which attracted audience participation figures of around 68,000. Our studios, based in Melling, rural Lancashire, offer a vibrant and inspirational hub for creative project development and are the centre of a network comprised of over 100 professional national and international freelance artists who have worked with us in the past or continue to do so.

Our current work, The Global Arts Village,  is in a research and development phase, exploring the potential for establishing a lively exchange network for rural communities, professional companies and artists from around the world that live, work and create great art in the rural and global context. Our vision is to develop a unique global platform for the sharing and development of artistic practice in order to develop environmental and cross-cultural understanding, enabling change and positive social development across rural areas. For more information, click here


People and community participation are at the centre of our work…

We believe that creativity is vital to both individual and community development and education delivery.We have over twenty years experience in community participation and education delivery, allowing people to explore social, political, cultural and global issues. We feel everyone has the right to be creative and to not only be exposed to high quality visual art projects, but to be involved. This allows people to realise their potential and their ability to explore and expand upon their  own thoughts and views. To understand more about our work and past projects we have undertaken, please click here.

Our experience in educational delivery is expansive, dynamic and vibrant. We have covered a huge variety of topics, allowing teachers and pupils to see the value in using creativity across the curriculum. We have also recently developed  numerous Creative Professional Development sessions that will equip teachers with the knowledge and confidence to use visual arts across the humanities, languages and sciences. To understand more about our education work and see how our expertise could benefit your work or school, please click here

“I get asked to do lots of things as Poet Laureate but I think this is probably the best thing I’ve been involved in” Carol Ann Duffy, speaking of the Lancashire Witches 400 Project, May 2013


Sue Flowers & Carol Anne Duffy

Sue Flowers & Carol Anne Duffy


 Green Close is a member of the Lancaster Arts Partnership and was a founding member  of the National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers