The Research and Development Process

Lucky Moyo from U’zambezi Arts working with Quernmore Primary School

The Global Arts Village  is currently in its Research and Development phrase.

As can be seen from these diverse photographs, we have already worked with numerous groups and people from around the world and shared differing creative contexts; from this work we have gained new information and creative perspectives, shared stories, ideas, contexts and dreams for the development of the Global Arts Village and so far it has been a very creative and positive process. The idea behind having a research and development phrase was to understand the need for and understanding of a network such as The Global Arts Village. It has allowed us to make new connections and links to other communities, as well as discuss a joint vision an share ideas for the development of Global Arts village and the best form it could take in terms of accessibility and use.

Sue Flowers & Lucky Moyo at Quernmore Primary School.

Sue Flowers & Lucky Moyo at Quernmore Primary School


At Quernmore Primary School, Lancashire, Sue & Pete Flowers and artist Lucky Moyo worked with Year 5 & 6 children to discuss the notion of the ‘village’ and what it meant to them. The children were able to discuss what they thought a village was, how it was composed, whether they thought villages were different across the world, how they differ from towns and cities and what they did in their own village. Lucky Moyo discussed his village in South Africa and discussions were formed on comparisons and differences in terms of both activities and the built environment which form their structure.

Sue & Pete Flowers were invited to work with the RE Department at Lancaster Girls Grammar School  on the cultural context of the Mexican Day of the Dead and its relationship to young peoples’ lives today – the picture displays an Ofrendra the Year 9 pupils created

Pete Flowers at the CPD event

Pete Flowers at the Artists’ Professional Development Event



Confluence Of Rivers perform outside Green Close in Melling


We held a Continuing Professional Development day here at Green Close on June 27th 2012. The event saw the international theatre exchange group ‘Confluence of Rivers’ perform a section of their piece ‘Ashes Blood River’. This was followed by creative group activities, discussions between the international artists and artists from Lancashire, as well as a discussion on the Global Arts Village concept and formulating a shared vision for its production.

The video below is the performance at Green Close by Confluence of Rivers

To see more images from the event, please click on the picture below and you will be linked to our Facebook album.

An afternoon of lively discussion

An afternoon of lively discussion…

Research Trip to Los Gazgauez, Andalucia

During August 2013, Sue and Pete Flowers took a trip to Los Gazgauez in Andalucia, Spain as a part of the Research and Development stage for The Global Arts Village. For more information on this trip and to see what they found out, please click here to read their blog post.

Mediterranean arid landscape, around Los Gasguez