What is the Global Arts Village?

Creating an Outstanding Contemporary Artistic and Cultural Programme about Shared Rural Heritage





Green Close has been successful in securing ‘seed’ funding from Arts Council England to undertake research and develop an exciting contemporary artistic and cultural programme about the Global Arts Village. During this research phase we will:

  • Explore the potential for a series of original & ambitious artistic, performance, participative, cultural and ecological responses to threads which connect all rural communities globally – Land, Food & Rituals

  • Actively engage both local communities and visitors as participants as well as audiences

  • Examine how intangible cultural heritage operates within rural communities (*see appendix)

  • Research how a digital location can be established, that will be easily accessible and become a celebration of contemporary rural arts practitioners and pioneers across the world

  • Explore how the Global Arts Village can move from being a local project and grow into a national and international one

  • Explore the creation of ‘The Field’, a location where artists respond to the global connectivity of rural heritage themes (agriculture, land, boundaries, food, ritual) with a series of contemporary installations, land art and sculpture



The Global Arts Village is a unique innovation that will establish lasting connections between rural communities and between people on different continents. It will be a vital and lively exchange network for communities, professional companies and artists from around the world that live, work and create in the rural context. It will connect and inspire people to explore complex social, environmental, ecological and cultural issues in unusual ways, think internationally and be adventurous.

The Global Arts Village (50% of the world’s population still live in rural communities) will be an inspirational hub for the very best of international practice in rural arts. It will create a vibrant exchange mechanism and network facility for UK and international artists and rural communities.


The Global Arts Village will highlight how artists around the world:


  1. Explore rural diversity and a sense of global connectivity

  2. Reflect and express changes in rural environments, ecologies and economies

  3. Tackle issues such as rural isolation, rural regeneration and a lack of community  cohesion

  4. Respond to and create innovative solutions to environmental sustainability issues


The creation of the Global Arts Village will provide an unequivocal statement about the value, quality, role and significance of art created in a rural context.


The Global Arts Village will celebrate work in a rural context created by artists who see an international connectivity to their work. Rural art has suffered from being ‘under-appreciated’ because it has failed to profile the international standard quality of much of the work that takes place. The Global Arts Village will seek to rectify this deficiency by creating a genuine focal point for the best international art work taking place not just throughout the UK but across the globe.


The Global Arts Village will build upon the success of Green Close’s earlier smaller, international programmes such as Viva Mexico, Open Doors to Japan and Bowland to the World, and their most recent Lancashire Witches 400 project; contemporising Lancashire’s history and placing it in a new sociological and international framework.



 R&D Period:  June – August 2013 Delivery: February 2014 – November 2015



 The project will be directed by arts and rural regeneration specialists Green Close: working with 3-Sixty Creative Producers, Mushroom Concepts and Arts Consultant, Carolyn Primett. It will be delivered by UK and international artists and performers: the programme is being developed in partnership with Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council.


Rural Arts Centre, Cortijada Los Gasguez,




 During the Research Stage of the Global Arts Village we welcomed creative proposals from artists that respond directly to our key themes of LAND, RITUALS & FOOD.

Global Arts Village is an ambitious international project so we are looking to work with artists from all over the world and with rural communities far and wide; we are open to working with artists working in all art forms and were keen to hear how you / your organisation could work with us to build an exciting international village that connects and inspires artists and communities; placing environmental sustainability needs into a creative global arena, profiling diverse artists and communities creating great art.


The delivery of any artistic collaborations will be subject to us securing further funding. Based on the outcomes of our research we will be making a series of funding applications during Autumn 2013 with the aim of starting our Global Arts Village programme from February 2014.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all your fantastic and highly creative responses. We have been overwhelmed by the overall enthusiasm of the project and have really enjoyed seeing the different ways our theme and topic of LAND-RITUALS-FOOD has been interpreted.