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Developing artistsContinuing Professional Development 

We feel very passionately that the arts should to accessible to all and are an important part of education.

We have over twenty years experience in educational delivery and we feel it would be fantastic for us to give more teachers confidence in using creativity more often within educational settings, lesson planning and delivery.

Within the current political environment, the arts need to be recognised as important and extremely valuable to children/young people’s education and development. We want people to realise how valuable the arts are in combination with other subjects and topics, as well as a subject on its own. Art can help people form new perspectives and see information differently, as well as help to develop communication and social skills. We want to share our passion and love for visual arts with you, to inspire your work as a teacher and to let your class unleash their creativity in

 Within the current economic climate, the arts has taken quite a hit. A number of cultural institutions, such as galleries and museums, have had to cut back on expenditure and in some cases, this has been within the education departments. We hope that with the skills, confidence and information you will gain on our professional development courses, you will feel comfortable taking your class or group to cultural institutions and discussing the work within. The changes in politic, economics and society should never hinder a child’s opportunity to be creativity.

We have developed a number of ‘Twilight’ Sessions that will be held here at Green Close. These sessions will be in the evening and will be around two hours long. Depending on which sessions are most popular, the feedback we gather and attendance rates, a number of the sessions will hopefully be developed into full day workshops.

Sessions will be £30 per person, or £50 when two teachers book from the same school.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will happily provide more information and book you a place.

Please keep checking back as more sessions are being developed as we speak!


 Mexican Day of the Dead

An introduction to the cultural context of Mexico and its unique celebrations and cultural traditions surrounding death; this workshop will introduce a range of approaches to dealing sensitively & creatively with the universal themes of life & death; drawing from direct experiences of working in Mexico and with Mexican artists here in the UK


Transatlantic Slave Trade

This workshop will look at how to sensitively cover the history of the transatlantic enslavement of African people; and the role of this history in the development and growth of the Georgian port of Lancaster. Working creatively the workshop will start to unpick race equality issues and how the arts can be used to profile global interdependence and the continuing fight to abolish slavery in the world today.

Development Education through the Arts

This workshop will help teachers to unpick how to develop new creative strategies to encourage learning across the eight principle aspects of global learning: Global Citizenship, Interdependence, Social Justice, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Values and Perceptions, Human Rights and Sustainable Development. Building on years of experience of working in this field, artists will show how creative processes can help individuals find a voice within complex issues of the world today: and that by using creative empowerment through the arts, develop an awareness of what impact individuals can have.

Insects and Entomology

This workshop will use the arts to explore the science of insects and the importance of ‘the miniscule’ in terms of understanding ecology. It will demonstrate new strategies for using the arts to explore curriculum links between art, maths and science: demonstrating tangible ways of learning across the curriculum between indoor and outdoor spaces, whilst demonstrating the importance of perception and the power of the arts to develop critical thinking skills.