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Education at Green Close

Green Close offers a range of creative educational services . Since opening our doors in 1996 we have worked with organisations both nationally and internationally whilst still maintaining our links to the community surrounding us and providing services to people in the area.

The benefits of combining the arts and education are fantastic. We want to open people’s eyes to the fact that the visual arts can be integrated into subjects across the entire curriculum. The arts allow every child or young person to be creative and gain confidence in what they can achieve. It should not be a subject that children feel  they ‘ can or can’t’ do: it should be a part of education that links with various topics and subjects, allowing for different perspectives and a new, exciting and interactive way to approach learning.

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What can Green Close offer me?

Green Close can offer you the following:

  • A bespoke education delivery service

With over twenty years experience in education delivery, we have worked with a huge amount of schools and groups to tailor their needs with a high quality visual arts experience. Our approach is flexible: we will work with your ideas as a teacher/community group leader and design a workshop or session that is inspiration, stimulating and educational. We will work with you throughout the entire process, from discussion and preparation through to delivery, evaluation and revisits. Our past work has covered the subjects of Religious Education, Geography, Politics and History to name a few and with the values of educational commitment, diversity and creativity at the core of our work, we look forward to hearing how we could work together . For more information, please contact us regarding your ideas and thoughts and we will take the process from there.

Information on prices can also be gathered through contacting us, as this will vary slightly depending on materials needed and the size of the group.


  • Creative Professional Development sessions

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  • Community Workshops 

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