International Day for Epilepsy Awareness.

March 26, 2015 in Events, Slideshow

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Purple Day on March 26th is the international day for epilepsy awareness. As you can see from our photo, this is a cause very close to our hearts!

Although fundraising is part of the day, the main aim is to raise awareness of the condition so wearing purple and talking about epilepsy is what we are encouraging people to do.

Epilepsy affects one in every hundred people and yet it is barely referenced in the media. So let’s encourage people to talk about it and reduce the stigma and ignorance.

Epilepsy affects 600,000 people in the UK. For every 6 out of 10 cases of epilepsy, there is no known cause. It is something that can happen to anybody. Some types of epilepsy start when you are very young, and some in later life. Some types last for a short time and other types can last for the whole of your life. 1 in every 1000 people with epilepsy will die in a sudden, unexpected death.

Money raised will help Epilepsy Action, the UK’s leading epilepsy charity, to improve the lives of people affected by epilepsy and their families, and to fund research into this condition.

Bowland Revealed – Working with Artists in Schools

October 16, 2014 in Bowland Revealed, Slideshow

Local artists & schools in Bowland have been working together on a Looking Backwards-Looking Forwards Project to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Forest of Bowland as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Our Bowland Revealed Artists in Schools programme proved to be a great success with pupils, teachers and artists!

Four professional artists with strong links to the local area have spent the last few months working with children from local primary and high schools, to design a banner that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Forest of Bowland as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

After months of creativity and hard work, the school sessions culminated in a piece of artwork that was photographed and turned into a banner.

The 5 banners have been on display in the Education Room at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe from 25th-27th November and will tour Bowland AONB as part of the Bowland Revealed celebrations.

Creativity Within the Beauty Exhibition

September 25, 2014 in Bowland Revealed, Slideshow

The arts and crafts within and around The Forest of Bowland are as unique, diverse and beautiful as the wildlife, landscape, habitats and eco-systems, which the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) represents and cares for.

2014 saw the 50th Anniversary of The Forest of Bowland being designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, providing us with the inspiration for this unique opportunity to showcase the artistic talent found within and inspired by this stunning landscape.

An exhibition portraying the beauty of The Forest of Bowland will open at The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe from 24th January to 11th April and the Artroom Gallery in Garstang from 29th January to 12th May.

Artists featuring at The Platform Gallery & Artroom are:

Andy Latham  - Photography

Caroline Heap – Pen

Graham Lowe – Charcoal

Julie Miles – Ceramics

Pat Ellacott – Pencil & Watercolour

Salina Somalya – Anodized Aluminium

Also at The Platform Gallery:

Dermod Ruddock – Oli, Acrylic & Watercolour Paintings

Goshia Gibek – Painting

Janet Robinson – Oil Painting

Jane Wallbank – Textiles

Jill Wright – Mixed Media

Margaret Swift – Photo Montage

Michael Critchley – Photography & Graphic Design

Norman Kelly – Calligraphy

Sue Flowers – Pencil & Paper

Also at The Artroom:

Susan Byrne – Textiles