1625 Arts

Helping young people establish themselves as arts professionals

1625 Arts is a group of young people working to help each other gain experience as young arts professionals.

We aim to provide young people starting their careers within a rural context with practical experience in fundraising, evaluation and producing their own work.

We want people to draw on their diverse, individual experiences and background to create a stronger whole, enabling us to produce exciting projects and opportunities for ourselves and others.

We offer discussions and workshops on different themes, using our expertise and experience and advise.
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in dance, drama, music or the visual arts – we want to hear from you!

To keep up to date with what 1625 Arts are currently working on and to keep up to date with funding/work opportunites for young people, join the Facebook group by clicking here. Or, to join the 1625 mailing list, fill out your contact details below and Green Close can keep you up to date with relevant opportunities and events.
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Keep up to date with 1625 Arts

Opportunities for young people can also be discovered via the local Lancashire & Morecambe district branch of Early Education.
They are offering three different events as part of a year focussing on Movement Play and Dance for early years. The events are
local and very good value and free to students and EE members.