A 1st Falla for the UK & the City of Lancaster

March 27, 2016 in Slideshow

On Friday 4th November as part of Lancaster City’s Light Up Lancaster Mario Gual del Olmo, a highly respected and experienced fallero artist from Valencia, will bring a unique introductory falla to Lancaster: ‘D is for Dinosaur’ is the artist’s reflection on the history of Lancaster, having undertaken a research visit and collaboration with artists Sue & Pete Flowers at Green Close.

The falla takes as its key theme Lancaster-born Sir Richard Owen, who coined the word Dinosaur and was one of the founders of the Natural History Museum in London. nike huarache Here he is depicted writing the word, in the company of a Diplodocus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, alongside other famous figures from the UK, including Lancashire-born inventor of the spinning wheel, Richard Arkwright.

Pencils as symbols for sketching of ideas are used to frame the artwork whilst the rear side of the sculpture will reveal the unique process of how a falla is made.

The falla ‘D is for Dinosaur’– a Valencian invention in its own right – will be illuminated for Light Up Lancaster in Dalton Square from 5pm-9pm on Friday 4th November, before being moved from the site and burnt as part of the 5th November celebrations organised by Freehold Community Centre. ugg pas cher The 5th November event will include lanterns leaving the Gregson Centre on Moor Lane at 6.30pm followed by a bonfire and fireworks from 7pm. ugg australia Access to the bonfire and fireworks will be from Kentmere Road, LA1 3JS.

This will be the first time a Falla is presented in the UK and marks the candidacy of the Fallas festival to UNESCO Intangible Cultural World Heritage in 2016. ugg promo The Fallas Festival was declared in 1965 as Fiesta of International Tourist Interest in Spain.


Renowned Spanish artist Mario Gual is a leading Fallero artist, designer and maker who has won numerous awards in Spain for his prestigious and uniquely humorous artworks.

The Fallas (or Falles) is a traditional celebration, held in commemoration of San Jose, the Patron Saint of carpenters in the city of Valencia in Spain.